Departmental Support

The Thomas G. Scott Publication Fund, Henry Mastin Graduate Fund, or the James Sedell Graduate Fund may be awarded to any student or staff member for publications where Fisheries and Wildlife is listed as the author's institution. You must submit acknowledgement of funding in your publication, therefore, requests made after publication cannot be considered. Students and faculty can apply at any time. To apply: send a request for funds with amount needed, abstract, and letter from the publisher acknowledging acceptance to

OSU Library

PeerJ operates a peer-reviewed journal and a preprint server, covering the biological and health sciences, and computer sciences. All articles published in PeerJ are immediately and freely accessible on the web. OSU Libraries and Press are proud to offer OSU faculty coverage of APCs (article processing charges) for PeerJ in support of their open access publishing activities. The charge will be paid when OSU faculty have an article accepted for publication in PeerJ. Please contact Michael Boock with questions.