FW Faculty & Staff

Graduate Student Departmental Contacts

The front office staff (Nash 104) for the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife can help provide you with long distance calling codes, copier and scanning codes, room scheduling, travel reimbursements, student or temporary hires, invoicing, purchasing, and help with payroll matters. For information on who to contact, please reference the table below or download the Printable FW Graduate Student Contact Information Table.

       Amber Ahlgren, Administrative Manager

       Nash Hall 104D, (541) 737-1936, Amber.Ahlgren@oregonstate.edu

  • GTA/GRA Contracts
  • Hiring paperwork
  • HR resource
       Susie Dunham, Graduate Program Coordinator

       Nash 104E, (541) 737-2642, Susie.Dunham@oregonstate.edu

  • Academic point person for online graduate programs (registration, course overrides, etc.)
  • PSMFWA Degree Coordination/Advising
  • Admissions for online graduate programs (Graduate Certificates; PSMFWA)
       Scarlett Arbuckle, Graduate Program Coordinator

       Nash 168 (541)737-3278 Scarlett.Arbuckle@oregonstate.edu

  • Academic point person for thesis-based MS/PhD programs (registration, course overrides, etc.)
  • Coordination/Advising for Fisheries Management Certificate Students
  • Admissions for thesis-based MS/PhD students
  • Graduate School Scholarships and Awards & FWCS Travel and Publication Awards
Susie Piacenza, Graduate Program Coordinator

541-737-1962 susan.piacenza@oregonstate.edu


  • Undergraduate mentorship on graduate school preparation
  • Coordination/Advising for Wildlife Management graduate certificate students
       Bruce Dugger, Associate Department Head

       Nash 166, (541) 737-2465, Bruce.Dugger@oregonstate.edu

  • Comments and feedback
  • Scheduling classes for GTA assignments
       Christine Meiwes, Office Specialist

       Nash 104, (541) 737-4531, Christine.Meiwes@oregonstate.edu

  • Keys
  • Purchasing (including conference registration)
  • Travel authorization
  • Travel/personal reimbursements
       Selina Heppell, Department Head

       Nash 104C, (541) 737-9039, Selina.Heppell@oregonstate.edu

  • Career aspirations/questions
  • Confidential issue with Major Professor or Graduate Committee
  • General contact for program
       Amanda Polley, Office Specialist

       Nash 104N, (541) 737-4893, Amanda.Polley@oregonstate.edu

  • Defense/dissertation flyer
  • Motor pool authorization
  • Room scheduling
  • Social media
  • Volunteer forms
  • Website edits