David Noakes Memorial Cookbook

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This cookbook is dedicated to the memory of Dr. David L.G. Noakes, colleague, mentor, and friend. David was constantly fostering connections and knew that a surefire way to bring people together was with food. He founded the Friday morning Coffee Club in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University as a means to connect students, faculty, and staff. While stimulating conversations and friendly debates were common at these gatherings, the main draw was the delicious baked goods, often created by David himself. We are so honoured to be able to pass along some of those recipes in this book.

Through the very generous efforts of David’s wife Pat, his son Jeff, and his sister Jean, and Dr. Stan Gregory and Kathryn Boyer, we have collected and organized recipes from David’s collection, along with selected stories and memories regarding their use. Not all of these recipes were featured at Coffee Club, but they hold special meaning for Pat, as David prepared them for visiting friends and scholars.
We are indebted to all of the volunteer bakers who joined us on this adventure, recreating these dishes at home and providing the photos that accompany the recipes. In addition, Amanda Polley assisted with cookbook design, Judy Li assisted with selecting photographs to feature, and Katie G. Lubbock edited the title page photograph.

Raise a glass of chocolate milk in David’s honour and use these recipes often, whether you are baking for family or building new friendships and collaborations. We hope you’ll enjoy making them as much as we did.

Charrs and Best Fishes, Rachel Crowhurst and Michelle Scanlan