Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Minor

Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Minor

The Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences minor offers a broad foundation in biodiversity conservation, ecosystem function and human influences on natural resources, as well as fish and wildlife biology.

You can earn a minor in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences online, through Oregon State's Ecampus, or on campus.

A sequence in general biology, at the 200 level, is a prerequisite for many courses in the online Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences minor. Students can find an equivalent biology series at a local college or take the online OSU Biology series: BI 204, 205, 206.

Students who have completed their bachelor's degree and are now only working on earning a minor are considered minor only students. Minor only students should complete a Biology series equivalent to the OSU 200 series before acceptance into the minor. The department will accept students who have not met this requirement, but students potentially will be required to complete CH 121, BI 204, BI 205 and BI 206 before most of the minor classes can be taken.

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Learning Outcomes

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