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These are the most common hiring questions. 

If you need assistance for something not on this list please contact Amber Ahlgren.

***Students Cannot Begin Working Until They Are Hired***

In an effort to ensure all students have access to apply for job openings across campus, OSU wants all student hourly positions to run through the online jobs portal. To create a new student posting send the following information to designated HR representative:

  • Number of positions available
  • Job title (Aquaculture Aid, Field Tech, etc.)
  • Desired advertising dates 
  • Start date
  • Supervisor
  • Index to be charged 
  • Hourly wage
  • Average work hours per week
  • How do you want to recruit? Open to "All Qualified Students" (including work-study students) OR "Work Study Only" (if you only want a work-study student) OR "Non-Competitive Hire" if you know who you want and they are uniquely qualified
  • Evaluation materials would you like the applicant to submit (resume, cover letter, etc). Transcripts may only be requested if there is a minimum qualification requiring the completion of a particular class.
  • Position summary (why does this job exist?)
  • Position duties (the breakdown of responsibilities to be performed by %)
  • Any minimum qualifications the candidate MUST have to do the job (i.e. CH 121-123, previous experience with microscopes, must have valid driver's license)
  • Any preferred qualifications that would be nice to have
  • Does the applicant need to complete a criminal history check? Review the Criminal History Check Crosswalk to determine if any of the position duties are security-sensitive. (If yes, a CHC is required)
  • Will this person be driving a vehicle on behalf of the University as part of their regular duties? (If yes, a DMV history check is required)

As soon as the posting is complete you’ll be provided with guest login credentials for viewing applicant materials. Once a final candidate is selected you will let Amber (or your designated HR representative) know who you chose and she will work with them to complete new hire paperwork. If the student has not been an OSU employee before, they will need to bring the appropriate I9 documents. The student will have a confirmed start date after the hiring paperwork has been processed. 

*NOTE: If a DMV or criminal history check is required the employee cannot begin work until they are cleared by HR.

Federal Work-Study provides part-time jobs for students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses.  At OSU, you must be enrolled at least half-time to be eligible for a Work-Study job during the academic year and the student must have accepted it as part of their financial aid package. If you choose to hire a work study student your grant/funding source will only be charged for 25% of the hourly wage. The remaining 75% is billed to their work-study account, up to the amount of the award. Once their funding is depleted your grant/funding source will be charged the full hourly rate.

Many times when a work-study job is posted, there are a handful of students applying who don’t actually have work study as part of their financial aid package. For this reason, it is highly recommended to contact Amber (prior to contacting any applicants for interviews) once you have narrowed down a shortlist, so she can verify the work-study balance for the student.

Benny Hire

These are the most common Benny Hire questions. 

If you need assistance for something not on this list please contact Amber Ahlgren.

It is another option for submitting hourly student jobs. This gives PI’s (or their delegates) the power to request new hourly student jobs directly, without needing to go through the Administrative Manager.

If you chose to use the Benny Hire request form, it is assumed that budget approval has already been received – do not submit a new request if you are unsure. This method should not be used for grad hourly appointments without speaking to Amber first.

  • Go to Benny Hire website
  • Click “Request Hourly Student Job Posting” (requires ONID ID and password)
  • Input job details on each of the 4 tabs and submit. If the ‘Submit’ button won’t let you click it, there is missing information (NOTE: There are some integration issues on the second tab and the text formatting buttons are blank, but still work. They are currently working on a fix.)

For questions regarding the posting and hiring process, please contact our Student Employment Service Center at

For technical assistance with Benny Hire, please email the Benny Hire Helpdesk at

Timesheets & Payroll

These are the most common timesheet & payroll questions. 

If you need assistance for something not on this list please contact Amber Ahlgren.

EmpCenter is the software used by OSU for employee timesheets and there are several supervisor training guides and other resources available at their website.

Hourly employee timesheets are due on the 15th of every month. EmpCenter will send employees a reminder email to submit their timesheet. Employees can log in to EmpCenter to make any edits and submit their timesheet. 

Faculty and Staff timesheets are due the last day of every month. EmpCenter will send employees a reminder email to submit their timesheet. Employees can log in to EmpCenter to make any edits and submit their timesheet. Please make sure to appropriately document sick, vacation and/or other leave time taken during the month. See the HR manager if you have questions about how to properly log your time. 

Faculty, staff, and students are paid on the last business day of the month. 

Employees can access and edit personal information (current mailing address, phone number, emergency contacts, etc.) by visiting the online services portal. Log in with your ONID credentials then click the "Personal Information" tab to view and/or change the content. Under the "Employee" tab you can select 'Pay Information' where you can then add direct deposit account details or print off prior pay stubs. If you need to update your vendor payment address please contact the Office Specialist 2.

  1. Refer to this checklist. If anything below the first checkbox applies to your volunteer then we will need to do a criminal history check (CHC) before they can begin with their work.
  2. Contact Wynton Davis with the following information:
    1. Student name and email
    2. Supervisor name and email 
  3. Wynton will route the form through DocuSign. The supervisor will fill out information pertaining to the project and expected duties, and then the student will virtually sign the form.
  4. NOTE: The volunteer must pass the CHC before they can begin working on the project. Please consider this as you are planning personnel for your projects so that you can avoid delays. 

HR Resources

Employee Assistance Program for Employees (EAP) – a free confidential service to assist you and eligible family members with any personal concern such as; relationship problems, depression or anxiety, stress management, alcohol & drug abuse, community resources or identity theft.

CAPS – Counseling and Psychological Services for students 

University Ombuds Office A designated neutral or impartial conflict resolution practitioner who provides confidential and informal assistance to visitors on a variety of issues and concerns.  The University Ombuds Office provides a safe place to share your concerns.

Accident Reporting

Criminal History Check (CHC)

DMV check


Telecommuting Form Oregon State University (OSU) supports telecommuting where there is an operational need, or there is potential for University savings. This policy applies to all OSU employees. Academic and research faculty are not required to have a Telecommuting Agreement on file with the Office of Human Resources (OHR). All other employees who telecommute must have an approved Telecommuting Agreement on file with OHR.

Payroll questions (leave, leave balances, time entry, etc) - or 541-737-4375

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