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Angee Doerr

Assistant Professor (Practice)
angee.doerr [at]

I study marine social-ecological systems, largely focusing on commercial fisheries and marine resource management. I currently have a dual-hatted position: I am an Assistant Professor of Practice, with an Academic home in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences, and I have an Extension position with Oregon Sea Grant, based out of Newport on the central coast of Oregon. I provide community outreach and education on subjects ranging from marine resource management to nearshore energy and sustainable economic growth for coastal industries, and I work closely with community partners, including commercial fishermen, managers, and researchers, to advance our understanding of coastal and marine systems. I am particularly interested in understanding the social, economic, and ecological impacts of climate change on ocean systems, in order to improve the ability of industry and managers to respond effectively. With community partners and colleagues, I am also exploring workforce development opportunities around fisheries and aquaculture.

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