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Matthew Kaylor

Postdoctoral Scholar
matthew.kaylor [at]

Office: 541-737-4531

My research evaluates how heterogeneity in habitat conditions – temperature, flow, and prey availability – across watersheds and through time interact to shape patterns Chinook salmon early-life history ecology in NE Oregon.   

My postdoctoral research focuses on four connected projects: 

  1. Evaluating seasonal shifts in Chinook salmon growth and production within watersheds. 
  2. Predicting how longitudinal temperature profiles within and among rivers shape patterns of salmon incubation rates and emergence timing. 
  3. Evaluating juvenile salmon floodplain use by integrating floodplain inundation modeling, emergence timing, and fry dispersal patterns. 
  4. Quantifying juvenile salmon dispersal from spawning locations to floodplain and summer rearing habitats using genetics as a tracer.
Academic Interests: 

I am broadly interested in determining the factors that shape juvenile salmon growth, production, and survival, including impacts stemming from land-use practices and climate change.