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Samara Haver

Research Associate

Office: 541-275-1805‬

Samara's current research is focused on quantifying and monitoring soundscapes and ocean noise within U.S. waters, including marine protected areas. Broadly, she hopes her work will inform the management of anthropogenic noise in sensitive marine animal habitats to promote sustainable human interactions with marine ecosystems. 

At OSU, Samara has primarily focused on collaborative projects with NOAA and the National Park Service to understand drivers and trends of underwater sound in diverse ecosystems. The largest of these efforts is the NOAA/NPS Noise Reference Station Network, a calibrated passive acoustic monitoring array established to monitor underwater soundscape conditions and long-term trends across widespread U.S. marine environments. 

Samara is a research associate in the Cooperative Institute for Marine Ecosystem and Resources Studies (NOAA PMEL) and the Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences. She is also an affiliate of the Marine Mammal Institute.