William Hanshumaker

Oregon Sea Grant Chief Scientist, Senior Instructor
bill.hanshumaker [at] oregonstate.edu

Office: 541-867-0167

My research centers on how people learn outside of the formal classroom. The major focus of my position is to support the development of exemplary extension, education and communication programs that interface seamlessly with marine and aquatic sciences research.

My dissertation was titled: Making an Aquarium Environment Interactive: A Design Research Analysis of Exhibit Design Processes. My research focused on the development of an interactive aquarium design incorporating the employment of an innovative technology (Passive Integrated Transponder tags) that is used in fishery studies. This study used research on free-choice learning describing the effects of interactive devices on visitor learning, engagement, and attitudes. My current research is designing and evaluating layered interpretation for adult learners.

As a Public Marine Education Specialist, my responsibilities have included developing a collection of exhibits on invasive species and sustainable fisheries. One of my central responsibilities is developing outreach programming on the research process and results from the National Marine Fisheries Service, Pacific Marine Experimental Laboratory, Environmental Protection Agency, Northwest Marine Fisheries Service, and the Oregon Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. These outreach efforts use design research to develop exhibits, public programming and instructional materials suitable for all age groups.

Curriculum Vitae: 

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Affiliated with: 
Sea Grant
Courses Taught: 

FW 441, 442, 443: Problem-solving courses (Oregon State University) 2008-2009

Biology 450/451: Marine Biology-Marine Mammal section (OSU) 1999-2003

Fisheries and Wildlife 499/599: Marine mammal curriculum (OSU) 2003

Biology 499: Special Topics - Steller Sea Lion necropsy (OSU) 2005

Biology 143: Marine Biology (Oregon Coast Community College) 1999-2002

Aquarium Science 141 (OCCC) 2003-2005

Elderhostel program (Lane Community College, Florence) 1999-currently