Apply to OSU

If you would like to join the flock, apply to OSU following the normal application process. Although most of our students will major in wildlife science through the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, that is not required. Maybe you love birds, but want a career in business or engineering? No problem. OSU has fine programs in many areas of study. Just be sure to save time to take some of our great bird courses!

If you want to major in Wildlife Science and are interested in distance learning, we have the only online degree in our field. You can take most of our classes via e-campus, delivered through the online platform Canvas. Even if you do not want to earn your entire degree remotely, online access to courses can give you flexibility of scheduling (in case two classes you want are scheduled at the same time) and freedom to take classes while you are off campus doing internships.


If you would like to establish scholarships or other support for students in the FLOCK, please let us know! Scholarships can be for recruiting talented students, awarding achievement, or both. They can be one-time gifts, or recurring. Let us know what motivates you to help our students advance in their ornithological careers.