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The Heppell Lab works on marine ecology, conservation, and resource management issues in Oregon and around the world.

We are a diverse group of ecologists working on both basic and applied research in the fields of marine ecology, conservation biology, population ecology, and fisheries science. Our students work from the Oregon Coast to the Caribbean, Colombian Pacific, Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea, and beyond specializing in habitat assessment, species interactions, population distribution, and response of populations to human perturbations. Our lab members play active roles in finding solutions to local, regional, and international conservation and management problems.

In The News

Claire Rosemond, a doctoral student at Oregon State University, measuring a red hind at the spawning aggregation site south of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Photo: Scott Heppell.

Marine conservation effort in U.S. Virgin Islands aids key fish species, Oregon State research finds

In a study just published in Frontiers in Marine Science, researchers at Oregon State and the University of the Virgin Islands found that the...

Hydrophone deployed in a tropical reef region within the National Park of American Samoa. Credit: Tim Clark/National Park Service.

Researchers develop automated method to identify fish calls underwater

An Oregon State University research team and collaborators have developed an automated method that can accurately identify calls from a family...

Selina Heppell featured on Northwest Nature Matters Podcast

Episode Info // Teaching the Next Generation of Conservationists

Great conversation with Selina Heppell, the Chair of the Department...