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Carl Schreck

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Nash Hall

Nash Hall 170

2820 SW Campus Way

2820 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

Environmental physiology and reproductive physiology of fish. Particularly, determination of effects of stress on fish performance in the wild and in the hatchery. Areas of interest include fish health, migration and development. Studies include synecology, endocrinology, immunology, molecular genetics as well as behavior and toxicology.


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Fisheries and Wildlife
I accept graduate students for the Fisheries and Wildlife Department


Professional Accomplishments


Ph.D. - 1972 - Physiology and Fish Biology, Colorado State Univ., Ft. Collins, CO
M.S. - 1969 - Fish Biology, Colorado State Univ., Ft. Collins,CO
B.S. - 1966 - Zoology, University of California, Berkeley, CA

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The finding, published in the journalĀ Environmental Biology of Fishes, could change a commonly held view that hatchery-raised fish are generally expected to behave in the same manner, said Julia Unrein, who led the study as a master's...