Christian Hagen

Associate Professor
christian.hagen [at]

Office: 541-410-0238

Evaluating population level responses of gallinaceous birds to large scale conservation effort and/or habitat perturbations, whether they be natural (e.g., wildfire) or anthropogenic. 

Currently, my work is focusing on large scale conservation efforts to restore and enhance lesser prairie-chickens in the southern Great Plains. Closer to home I am collaborating on greater sage-grouse population level response to wildfire in the Trout Creek Mountains, and to large scale removal of early encroaching juniper on nest site selection and success in the Warner Mountains.

Avian Ecology, Arid Systems, Habitat Selection, Demography


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Fisheries and Wildlife
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I accept graduate students for the Fisheries and Wildlife Department
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Currently I am not teaching any courses.

Have taught FW 320 Intro Pop Dynamics & FW 481- Wildlife Ecology at Cascades Campus

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