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Cynthia Sellinger

Courtesy Faculty
cynthia.sellinger [at]

Office: 541-737-4351

I am researching the effect that climate change has on Pacific salmon.  Specifically, I statistically analyze how major climatic events (El Nino and La Nina) affect the respectively nutrient-rich and nutrient- poor oceanographic episodes (upwelling and downwelling).

Hydrology, predictive modeling of the physical and biological characteristics of the watershed , coastal, and deep ocean ecosystems; specifically:
1) predicting water levels of the Great Lakes by statistically characterizing the hydrologic cycle;
2) forecasting beach closures by developing data- intensive watershed models;
3) applying the hydrological cycle to quantify the amount of the groundwater contributing to the Great Lakes and the Baltic Sea;
4) developing spatially explicit representations of ecosystem environments with remotely-sensed data;
5) modeling underwater acoustic data in support of studies on patchiness, stock abundance, and community size structure in pelagic ecosystems; and,
6) researching the impacts of coastal hypoxia and other physical processes on fish.


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