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Liam Mueller-Brennan

Master's Student

liam.muellerbrennan [at]

Academic Interests: 

Liam is currently working on his master's thesis, using stable isotope and satellite tagging data to study the movement and feeding ecology of humpback whales in the North Pacific. To aid in this, Liam recently graduated from IsoCamp (class of 2022), a world-renowned short course on stable isotopes in the sciences. In addition to his recent work with stable isotopes and tagging, Liam has a background in passive acoustic analysis of baleen and toothed whale vocalizations and anthropogenic noise. Looking forward, he is interested in all things cetaceans with a focus on conservation and is excited to learn even more about the different ways we can gain a greater understanding of these incredible creatures and how we can better protect them. 

Liam is currently serving as the Hatfield Student Organization Webmaster.