Employee Resources

Human Resources


Undergraduate Student Hourly Workers 

***Students Cannot Begin Working Until They Are Hired***

In an effort to ensure all students have access to apply for job openings across campus, OSU wants all student hourly positions to run through the online jobs portal. To create a new student posting send the following information to designated HR representative:

  • Number of positions available
  • Job title (Aquaculture Aid, Field Tech, etc.)
  • Desired advertising dates 
  • Start date
  • Supervisor
  • Index to be charged 
  • Hourly wage
  • Average work hours per week
  • How do you want to recruit? Open to "All Qualified Students" (including work-study students) OR "Work Study Only" (if you only want a work-study student) OR "Non-Competitive Hire" if you know who you want and they are uniquely qualified
  • Evaluation materials would you like the applicant to submit (resume, cover letter, etc). Transcripts may only be requested if there is a minimum qualification requiring the completion of a particular class.
  • Position summary (why does this job exist?)
  • Position duties (the breakdown of responsibilities to be performed by %)
  • Any minimum qualifications the candidate MUST have to do the job (i.e. CH 121-123, previous experience with microscopes, must have valid driver's license)
  • Any preferred qualifications that would be nice to have
  • Does the applicant need to complete a criminal history check? Review the Criminal History Check Crosswalk to determine if any of the position duties are security-sensitive. (If yes, a CHC is required)
  • Will this person be driving a vehicle on behalf of the University as part of their regular duties? (If yes, a DMV history check is required)

As soon as the posting is complete you’ll be provided with guest login credentials for viewing applicant materials. Once a final candidate is selected you will let Amber (or your designated HR representative) know who you chose and she will work with them to complete new hire paperwork. If the student has not been an OSU employee before, they will need to bring the appropriate I9 documents. The student will have a confirmed start date after the hiring paperwork has been processed. 

*NOTE: If a DMV or criminal history check is required the employee cannot begin work until they are cleared by HR.

What is Work Study?

Federal Work-Study provides part-time jobs for students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses.  At OSU, you must be enrolled at least half-time to be eligible for a Work-Study job during the academic year and the student must have accepted it as part of their financial aid package. If you choose to hire a work study student your grant/funding source will only be charged for 25% of the hourly wage. The remaining 75% is billed to their work-study account, up to the amount of the award. Once their funding is depleted your grant/funding source will be charged the full hourly rate.

Many times when a work-study job is posted, there are a handful of students applying who don’t actually have work study as part of their financial aid package. For this reason, it is highly recommended to contact Amber (prior to contacting any applicants for interviews) once you have narrowed down a shortlist, so she can verify the work-study balance for the student.

How do I hire a temporary employee?

Typically our Department uses one of two temporary positions. The first position is a third party hiring agency and the other is the OSU Temporary position. Temporary employees are primarily used for seasonal summer appointments, for students who have just graduated, or for employees who will only be working one field season. To hire a temporary employee, email the Administrative Manager with the following: 

  • Number of positions
  • Name, Email, and Phone Number of the candidate(s)
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Average hours to be worked per week
  • Hourly Wage
  • Work Location
  • Position description
  • Reason for using an agency, if doing so (ex. non-student employee, specialized skills for the project)
  • Index to be charged. 

The Administrative Manager will then complete a temporary hire request. Once approved, the candidate will need to bring appropriate I9 documents with them to complete the hiring paperwork with either the hiring agency (office in Corvallis). Work should not begin until all hiring paperwork is completed and approved.

Benny Hire

What is Benny Hire?

It is another option for submitting hourly student jobs. This gives PI’s (or their delegates) the power to request new hourly student jobs directly, without needing to go through the Administrative Manager.

If you chose to use the Benny Hire request form, it is assumed that budget approval has already been received – do not submit a new request if you are unsure. This method should not be used for grad hourly appointments without speaking to Amber first.

How to use Benny Hire
  • Go to Benny Hire website
  • Click “Request Hourly Student Job Posting” (requires ONID ID and password)
  • Input job details on each of the 4 tabs and submit. If the ‘Submit’ button won’t let you click it, there is missing information (NOTE: There are some integration issues on the second tab and the text formatting buttons are blank, but still work. They are currently working on a fix.)
Benny Hire Support Resources

For questions regarding the posting and hiring process, please contact our Student Employment Service Center at student.employment@oregonstate.edu

For technical assistance with Benny Hire, please email the Benny Hire Helpdesk at bennyhirehelp@oregonstate.edu

Timesheets & Payroll

How do I approve of my employee's timesheet if I am a supervisor?

EmpCenter is the software used by OSU for employee timesheets and there are several supervisor training guides and other resources available at their website.

When are hourly student employee timesheets due?

Hourly employee timesheets are due on the 15th of every month. EmpCenter will send employees a reminder email to submit their timesheet. Employees can log in to EmpCenter to make any edits and submit their timesheet. 

When are the faculty and staff timesheets due?

Faculty and Staff timesheets are due the last day of every month. EmpCenter will send employees a reminder email to submit their timesheet. Employees can log in to EmpCenter to make any edits and submit their timesheet. Please make sure to appropriately document sick, vacation and/or other leave time taken during the month. See the HR manager if you have questions about how to properly log your time. 

When do employees get paid?

Faculty, staff, and students are paid on the last business day of the month. 

How do I sign-up for direct deposit or edit personal information like mailing/vendor payment address?

Employees can access and edit personal information (current mailing address, phone number, emergency contacts, etc.) by visiting the online services portal. Log in with your ONID credentials then click the "Personal Information" tab to view and/or change the content. Under the "Employee" tab you can select 'Pay Information' where you can then add direct deposit account details or print off prior pay stubs. If you need to update your vendor payment address please contact the Office Specialist 2.

HR Resources

EAP - Employee Assistance Program for employees – a free confidential service to assist you and eligible family members with any personal concern such as; relationship problems, depression or anxiety, stress management, alcohol & drug abuse, community resources or identity theft.


CAPS – Counseling and Psychological Services for students https://counseling.oregonstate.edu/

Ombuds – A designated neutral or impartial conflict resolution practitioner who provides confidential and informal assistance to visitors on a variety of issues and concerns.  The University Ombuds Office provides a safe place to share your concerns.  https://ombuds.oregonstate.edu/

Accident Reporting - https://oregonstate2-gme-advocate.symplicity.com/public_report/index.php/pid437077?

***Accidents must be reported by supervisor within 24 hours even if medical treatment is not anticipated or sought.  Contact Ann or Heidi Melton for questions.***

Criminal History Check (CHC) - https://hr.oregonstate.edu/manual/criminal-history-check

DMV check -  https://policy.oregonstate.edu/UPSM/05-030_motor_vehicle_history_check

EmpCenter - http://mytime.oregonstate.edu/

Telecommuting Form - https://oregonstate.edu/admin/hristeam/forms/TeleCommAgree.pdf  Oregon State University (OSU) supports telecommuting where there is an operational need, or there is potential for University savings. This policy applies to all OSU employees. Academic and research faculty are not required to have a Telecommuting Agreement on file with the Office of Human Resources (OHR). All other employees who telecommute must have an approved Telecommuting Agreement on file with OHR.

Payroll questions (leave, leave balances, time entry, etc) - Helen.Brittain@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-4375

How to update your web profile

College of Agricultural Sciences Emergency Operations Plan - Emergency Plans PDF


What is the process to bring on volunteers?
  1. Fill out a volunteer form. Make sure you fill in the assigned duties section.
    • Have the volunteer and supervising graduate student sign the form. If you need to do this digitally contact Amanda Polley and she can help with DocuSign.
  2. Refer to this checklist. If anything below the first checkbox applies to your volunteer then we will need to do a criminal history check (CHC) before they can begin with their work.
  3. Send completed form to Amanda Polley and let her know if the volunteer needs the CHC. 
  4. NOTE: The volunteer must pass the CHC before they can begin working on the project. Please consider this as you are planning personnel for your projects so that you can avoid delays. 


Do I need to register my trip before leaving?

Travel authorizations are required for ALL out of state travel, international travel, or air travel (see travel coordinator for field site exceptions) and need to be submitted PRIOR TO TRAVEL. The travel authorization request is made through the Concur Travel site. Approvals are completed through OSU travel and you will receive an email verifying if the trip has been approved or rejected.

Travelers are also required to register their trips, prior to undertaking any University-sponsored international travel. Registration allows the University to assist with pre-departure risk controls to include addressing export controls, international compliance, insurance matters, and traveler health and safety concerns, as well as facilitate the University’s response in the event of an emergency. International travel insurance is available for $2/day and can be billed directly to an index or to a student's account. Here is a link to the travel registry: https://international.oregonstate.edu/international-travel Foreign travel on grants also requires prior approval from the Office of Sponsored Research and Award Administration (OSRAA), so make sure to plan ahead when traveling.

If the traveler hasn't traveled or been reimbursed by OSU in the past year they will likely need to be reactivated in the system. If you are not sure if you are a vendor please check with the Office Specialist 2.

Want a cheat sheet for your own personal reference? Download this Traveling 101 document and save it in your files.

How can I purchase plane tickets?

After an authorization is on file the traveler can work with Concur to book a flight. The traveler has the option to work directly with an agent through the Concur booking partner CTP or booking through the Concur travel portal.

If the traveler chooses to use a non-contracted vendor and pays for it personally, the traveler (not OSU) will be responsible for cancellations, itinerary changes, or other charges unless the charges are necessary for OSU’s business needs or are outside the control of the traveler. Only regular, coach-class fares are allowed. Make sure you are familiar with OSU's airfare policy prior to purchasing tickets. More Policy information can be found under the OSU Travel Policy page 3.3.1.

NOTE: Travel needs to be approved by the Travel Coordinator and has a 24 hour window. We advise only submitting travel during business hours.

Motor Pool VS. Enterprise VS. Personal Vehicle

Trying to decide how to travel? Check out this comparison chart to determine which mode of transportation will be most economical for your needs - Travel Comparison Chart

Employees and agents utilizing their private vehicles for official business are required to have personal automobile insurance including liability, uninsured motorist, and personal injury protection to provide the primary coverage for any accidents involving that vehicle. More OSU policy information, including passenger restrictions, can be found under the Motorpool Policy Page or the OSU Travel policy page 3.3.2 Ground Transportation

Enterprise reservations are done through the Concur online portal - see the Travel Comparison Chart for directions. If you need a quote for more than one vehicle, or a specific type of vehicle, please contact the Office Specialist 2.

Motor Pool
  • Complete a Motor Pool Authorization Form
  • Send PDF form to Amanda Polley, along with the name of the PI on the project you will be working on.
  • Amanda will get liability approval from PI and then route the form for signature through DocuSign.
  • Once signed, Amanda will send completed form to Motor Pool.
Will I need to pay for the hotel rental?

Travelers will need to reserve their lodging via the Concur travel system prior to travel. This means you MUST PLAN AHEAD to book your hotel stay.

If the hotel is not yet listed in Concur, or you are booking an Air BnB or VRBO, please work with the Office Specialist 2 to book the hotel with the department card.

How do I get reimbursed for completed travel?

Students and employees will complete a travel reimbursement form through the Concur expense portal by logging in with their ONID account. The traveler will fill out a travel expense report and submit it electronically. To ensure the Concur report is submitted properly it is imperative to have the correct index associated with the project or travel prior to submitting. Receipts are uploaded and attached to your travel expense request via Concur as well.

Business Purpose/Notes section should always include the following: where/why did you travel, who was with you, how you got there and back, and where you stayed. If using acronyms in the trip description please write out the full name of the acronym for this section. Food receipts do not need to be included, as they are reimbursed according to the OSU per diem chart. If the traveler does not have an ONID account (no OSU affiliation) they will need to work directly with the travel coordinator for travel reimbursements. 

Once the expense report has been submitted, the report can be tracked via Concur – it will go to the PI for approval and then to the OSU Travel and Expense department. If there are any issues or questions with the submission, they will return it to you for correction. More OSU policy information can be found under the Travel Reimbursements section of the policy program.

Want a cheat sheet for your own personal reference? Download this Traveling 101 document and save it in your files.

I am hosting a University guest, how do I handle travel and food expenses.

When hosting a university guest, the employee who is serving as the host can arrange for direct billing of airfare. The host will need to submit a Travel Approval via Concur prior to making the arrangements. Airfare and hotel stays for the guest will need to be set up through a Concur travel agent. The host can also purchase the guest's meals and other associated expenses. After travel has been completed, the host will need to fill out a non-travel expense request via Concur (see instructions below) along with any itemized receipts (showing each item purchased) and a list of guests to the travel coordinator. Additional documentation and justification may be needed for some purchases, for details please read the Hosting Groups and Official Guests, Fiscal Operations Manual.  

Purchasing & Personal Reimbursements

Purchases <$5,000

Anyone who is running a grant/funding source through the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife has the ability to work with the credit card custodian to make purchases up to $5000 (including taxes, shipping/fees, etc.) Send an email request to FW.Purchasing@oregonstate.edu to make a purchase. Each new request should include the following information, as well as PI approval:

  • Index # -- Be sure to CC the PI of the index if it is not you
  • Website -- Copy paste the direct link to the item you want to purchase.
  • Description -- What kind of item is it, item number, color, size, etc.
  • Price -- Please include shipping and handling when calculating. If you do not give specific instructions on shipping (i.e. overnight, 2-day, etc.) I will automatically select the least expensive option.
  • Quantity
  • Justification -- A brief explanation about the allowability, allocability, reasonableness and benefit to the project (i.e. This item is allowable on grant XXXXX and will enable us to… )
Purchases >$5,000

For these types of purchases, you will need to acquire a quote from the company and work with your AMBC contact to create a purchase requisition. Purchases over $25,000 and BOLI procurements of any dollar value must be submitted to Procurement and Contract Services (PaCS). When submitting Purchase Requisitions departments should allow at least 10-14 Days from Purchase Requisition submission to the issuance of a Purchase Order for purchases between $25,000 and $149,999.99 and for BOLI Procurements.  For purchases equal to or greater than $150,000 allow at least 30 Days or more.  Timing depends on the complexity of the purchase, necessary authorizations, type of solicitation method being utilized, available resources and any necessary negotiations.

NOTE: all computer related ordering should route through our Roots IT Support Team

Using BennyBuy

BennyBuy allows faculty and staff to search and shop online for products and services from OSU’s contracted suppliers. The system also provides the ability to create purchase requisitions for non-contracted suppliers.

BennyBuy Walkthrough

  • Login HERE using your ONID login credentials.
  • You have two shopping methods:
  • “Punch Out” to the vendor website by selecting the store logo: You’ll shop like normal and anything you put in the cart on the vendors website will transfer back into your BennyBuy cart when you hit ‘Checkout’ on the vendor page.
  • Search Bar: Type what you are looking for in the search box and designate the type of supply using the drop down menu (i.e. everything, lab supplies, office supplies, books, etc.).
  • Verify that the items in your BennyBuy cart are the items you want to purchase
  • If you have budget authority for purchases you may click “Proceed to Checkout” OTHERWISE you will need to “Assign the Cart” to your PI/Faculty Advisor by clicking on the ‘Search for and Assignee’ hyperlink and typing in their name. Make sure to put your justification for needing the item in the notes/comments box here.
  • You will need to enter in the “Ship To” information by clicking on the “Required Field” hyperlink.
  • *Please note, you will need to enter the actual address of Nash Hall (2820 SW Campus Way) in order for the system to find our department address. Edit the contact lines as appropriate for your order and then click “Save”.
  • Click “Billing” on the menu to the left.
  • You will need to enter in the “Billing address” information by clicking on the “Required Field” hyperlink.
  • *Please note, you can type in “AMBC” into the search field and select their Hovland Hall location, Edit the contact line to name “Michele Jones” as the addressee.
  • Click on “Accounting Codes” on the menu to the left. You will need to enter the “Index” and “Account” information by clicking the hyperlinks labeled “Required Field”. This is a list of the most frequently used account codes in FW, as well as accountant contact information if you have questions.
  • Once you have filled out all the required information (all the check marks to the left will be green) you can click the “Place Order” button at the top of the page. This will route the order for approval through the PI and business office.
How do I get personally reimbursed?

If the traveler does not have an ONID account (no OSU affiliation) they will need to fill out and submit a non-OSU travel reimbursement form for travel reimbursements or a non-OSU personal reimbursement form for non-travel related reimbursements. 

Employees and non-employees can be personally reimbursed for purchases totaling less than $100.00 but should be used infrequently. Project supply purchases, hosting of official guests, and celebration supplies are typical personal reimbursement purchases. Reimbursements need to be submitted within 60 days of purchase, or 60 days after the conclusion of the travel/fieldwork during which the expenditure was made.

  • For travel reimbursements you will fill out a Travel Expense request via Concur including index and original receipts.
  • For personal reimbursements you will fill out a Non-Travel Expense request via Concur including index and original receipts.

For questions about this process please contact our office specialist to assist you. For more information about OSU policy please see the Personal Reimbursement Fiscal Operations Manual

What do I do with packing slips and invoices that are mailed to me?

Any packing slips or invoices that are mailed to the department need to have a full name, date, and index number on them. If this information is not visible on the statement, please write it on the top of the statement and then place it in the "invoices" box in the mail room.

Expenditure types and reimbursement FAQs

Documents and Forms

List of important documents and forms

Concur How-To Training Video from FWCS

Volunteer Form

FWCS Remote Fieldwork Safety Planning Form

DUO Walkthrough Video: Selina Teaches You How

How to Map a Network Drive

Research Proposal Application Information

Compensation Policy

Voting Policy

Peer Review Teaching Guidelines

Outside Activities/Consulting Guidelines

What Faculty Do

Letter of Recommendation Waiver - When a student asks for a recommendation (letter or phone call), it’s important to receive their explicit permission to discuss their student records (e.g. performance in a class; advising observations; et. al.). There are two waivers: internal to OSU and one for external to OSU, both are available on our FERPA site to use when a student asks for a recommendation. After a student completes a form, please return to the main Fisheries and Wildlife for filing.


Where do I find a course catalog or Oregon State's schedule of classes? How do I know when FW courses are offered?

The course catalog will allow you to look up any course offered by OSU. The schedule of classes can be used to look at a course subject by the term. Both of these resources will display term offerings for individual courses however, only the current term offerings are accurate.

For accurate future term offerings of FW courses please view our class list.

*You must be logged out of any personal Gmail email accounts to log in to the FW Course Offerings drive.

How do I get access to Canvas as an Instructor or Graduate Teaching Assistant?

In order to get access to Canvas, please contact the scheduling coordinator. The scheduling coordinator will add you as an instructor to the schedule of classes, through Banner, as long as FERPA training has been completed.

A Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) can take FERPA training and then be added to the course by the supervising faculty member, or through the scheduling coordinator. 

Please notify the scheduling coordinator that FERPA training is complete, at that time the scheduling coordinator will grant access to course materials. 

I am an instructor, how do I request access for my GTA to my course's Canvas site?

If the Graduate Teaching Assistant for the course has already completed FERPA training the instructor can grant access to the GTA through Canvas.

If the Graduate Teaching Assistant for a course has not completed FERPA, they will need to take the training before being granted access to the course. 

What are eSETs? Where can I find eSET records?

The Electronic Student Evaluation of Teaching system is an easy way for students to provide feedback to teaching faculty about their learning experiences. Each term, students receive an email asking them to complete evaluations for their classes. They are allowed two weeks to complete the assessment for each of their courses and instructors. For more information about eSETs please visit the eSET website hosted by Academic Programs, Assessment, and Accreditation.

The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife has compiled a list of medians and means of CAS and FW eSET records since 2003. Any missing cells are data that were not compiled (see notes in the "metadata" tab). There are separate scores for Ecampus and Corvallis campus courses. "All" includes online, so the scores are not independent. 

I need help with Canvas, where can I find resources?

Canvas has an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Log into Canvas, click on the "Help" button in the upper right corner, select "Search the Canvas Guides", then select Instructor Guides. This will include step by step instructions to all additions and customizations allowed on the Canvas platform. 

If you cannot find an answer to a question, you can submit a request to the Oregon State Canvas Migration team. 

Where can I find resources for reporting academic misconduct?

In an academic community, faculty members play the most important role in maintaining academic standards. When an act of academic misconduct is observed or suspected, a process is in place to uniformly address such events.  Please follow the procedure outlined on the Academic Misconduct Reporting Forms website.  If you have further questions or need clarification, please call Student Conduct and Community Standards (SCCS) at (541) 737-3656.

Ecampus Instructors should pay careful attention to step 5 in each of the forms for specific information related to teaching an online course or contact Ecampus Learner Services for more information: 

OSU Ecampus Learner Services
4943 The Valley Library
Corvallis, OR 97331-4504
Phone: 541-737-4166 Fax: 541-737-6124 or

What are the differences among FW 501/601 Research, FW 505/605 Reading and Conference, FW 507 Seminar and FW 599/699 Special Topics?

FW 501/601, FW 505/605, and FW 507/607 are considered "blanket courses," are often graded as Pass/No Pass (P/N) and do not include lecture. These courses are scheduled as discussions, seminars, non-thesis related research, and recitation.

FW 507/607 Seminar or alternative seminar courses approved by the Student's Graduate Committee are a required part of the MS and PhD Fisheries and Wildlife program of study. Special Topic courses, scheduled as FW 599/699, are a lecture or lab-based course with assessment (quiz, exam, papers, projects) and generally offered only once. These courses can be taught by existing, visiting or courtesy faculty.

If a Special Topics course is offered regularly, it should go through the new course category proposal process to be assigned a permanent number. New course proposals typically take 6-8 months for approval. If you are interested in offering a course that is not on the regular Fisheries and Wildlife schedule, please contact Bruce Dugger, Associate Department Head of Academic Affairs. Requests for Special Topic courses need to be submitted no later than one term prior to when the course will be offered. 

I'd like to access to the Fisheries and Wildlife Teaching resource materials (documents from FW 502), how do I get access to the Canvas site?

Please send an email to fw.gradadvising@oregonstate.edu, requesting permission, including your ONID username.

Promotion & Tenure

Where can I find eSET records?

The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife has compiled a list of medians and means of CAS and FW eSET records since 2003. Any missing cells are data that were not compiled (see notes in the "metadata" tab). There are separate scores for Ecampus and Corvallis campus courses. "All" includes online, so the scores are not independent. 

Course & Room Scheduling

Where do I find a course catalog or OSU's schedule of classes? How do I know when FW courses are offered?

The course catalog displays any course offered by OSU. The schedule of classes can be used to look at a course subject by a term. Both of these resources will display term offerings for individual courses however, the term offerings are only accurate for the current term. 

For accurate future term offerings of FW courses and to view all teaching assignments please login with an ONID account to the FW Course Offerings 2017-18* or 2018-19* spreadsheet or use the class list.

*You must be logged out of any personal Gmail email accounts to login to the FW Course Offerings drive.

I want to teach a special topics course in an upcoming term, what do I need to do?

Work with the Associate Department Head for Academic Affairs to coordinate an appropriate term offering. Once approved, please contact the scheduling coordinator with a completed New Course Request form. 

How do I reserve a room for a course?

Please send an email to fw.scheduling@oregonstate.edu for all your course planning needs.

How do I reserve a room for a seminar, presentation, or Zoom meeting?

The department has several departmental rooms that are available for use: Nash 032, Nash 033, Nash 104J, and Nash 164. There are also other Nash Hall and Ag. Life Science rooms that are available for use depending on your needs. Please complete the Room Reservation Request form and send it to Amanda Polley. She will determine what space is available based on your response and get back to you with reservation confirmation. 

The more advance notice you give the more likely it is that you will get your preferred meeting space. 

Faculty have access to the conference room calendars and should be able to add their own meetings. 

I need to stream my meeting or class online. How do I use Zoom?

If you are using Zoom for video conferencing, please refer to our Zoom User Guide. For hands-on training regarding Zoom or other conference equipment, contact Amanda Polley. All Zoom tutorials and help documents can be found on OSU's Zoom page.

Computer Resources

Common-Use Facilities in Corvallis

The Fisheries and Wildlife Department maintains a bank of 10 common-use computers in the Student lounge in Nash Hall room 110. These computers are equipped with standard software including office, R, ArcGIS and Distance. This is a catalog of software that is typically available in campus computer labs.

These computers are available for all students, faculty and staff within the Fisheries and Wildlife department, and can be accessed using your ONID ID. Printing that is done in the student lounge requires students to log on with their ONID and printing charges will be reflected on their student account.

Graduate students have the option of printing in the copy room (Nash 104 complex) and those prints are free if you set up a code with Christine Meiwes or Amanda Polley.

Common-Use Facilities in Newport

Guin Library at Hatfield Marine Science Center has 7 desktop computers for public use. These computers use Windows 10 and have the standard Microsoft Office suite; specialty software can also be loaded for specific instructional needs. These computers are connected to the campus Citrix server for remote access to ArcGIS and similar resources.

Guin Library also has two Chromebooks (Chrome OS) and two laptop computers (Windows 10 OS) available for checkout to OSU-affiliated students, staff, and faculty with an ONID login.

Obtaining Help in Corvallis

The ROOTS Computing Group provides infrastructure and support for the computing needs of the Departments of Fisheries and Wildlife, Animal & Rangeland Sciences, Environmental & Molecular Toxicology, Crop & Soil Science, Food Science & Technology, Horticulture, and the Oregon Seed Laboratory.

Detailed information including multiple FAQ’s with self-help guides are available at the ROOTS website.

In-person assistance with campus computing resources.

ROOTS Support // 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday


OSU Helpdesk // 8am to 7pm Monday through Friday, 3pm to 7pm Weekends

  • The OSU Computer Helpdesk is a free "quick help" service available to students, faculty & staff. They can provide initial troubleshooting expertise with problems related to internet tools, software applications, e-mail, and ONID accounts.
  • Milne Computer Center, Room 201
  • Telephone: 541-737-8787
  • E-mail address: osuhelpdesk@oregonstate.edu
  • Web site: https://is.oregonstate.edu/service-desk
Obtaining Help in Newport

IT support at Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) is managed by the central IT service desk in Corvallis. All IT support requests at HMSC must be routed through that desk using the contact phone or email below. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, it will be elevated to the on-site HMSC Information Services staff. The HMSC Information Services office is in the second story of the 900 Building (Education Wing), and can be accessed from either stairway found in the Education Wing hallway.

Contact IT Service Desk:

Resources & Guidelines

OSU Acceptable Use Policy

It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with, and follow, computer policy. These policies are subject to change. Current policies are available here.

Logging In

Hitting any key will bring up the login window. Older models running on Windows 7 still require you to press CTRL + ALT + DEL.

Changing Your Password

You can change your password anytime. Unless you have opted into Duo (see below), you will have to change your password every year. Go to onid.oregonstate.edu and log in with your current ONID username and password. Select "change password" in the left hand menu then fill in your current password and your new password twice in the boxes available. Passwords must be at least 14 characters long and utilize uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters. Passwords that are too simple or based on common dictionary words will be rejected.


All users must sign up for Duo, OSU's multi-factor authentication system. This system keeps your account secure by pairing your logins with something you know (your password), and something only you have (a token generator or mobile device). When you attempt to access secure sites at OSU, you will be prompted to enter a code or approve a message from Duo before you can continue. As an incentive, the security team at OSU is waiving the annual password change requirement for all Duo enrollees. For more information, please see the Duo page.

Wireless Access

We recommend using Eduroam as your wireless access point. Eduroam is a secure, worldwide network access service. It will be available to you at many other universities as well. Information about accessing Eduroam can be found here.


Your MS Exchange email address will be created as: firstname.lastname@oregonstate.edu (Example: selina.heppell@oregonstate.edu)

Most general use and lab computers have MS Outlook installed which will allow you to check your MS Exchange email account. You can also use other email clients as long as they're able to connect to MS Exchange accounts. Further instructions on how to configure MS Outlook can be found here.

Another method to access your mail is to use the University's Exchange Outlook Web Access system. Use ONIDUserName@oregonstate.edu as a username and your current password. The ONID username is usually lastnamefirstinitial.

Network File Space

ROOTS users have access to different network file shares (remotely accessed storage space) depending on which department you reside in. These shares are automatically mapped (linked to your computer) when logging in to a University computer. If you need help with manually mapping a network drive you can follow the instructions on this FAQ page.

  • U Drive -> This is your home directory containing the personal space that only you can access. This share has a quota of 15GB, is backed up nightly, and retained (thus recoverable) for a period of 60 days.
  • S Drive -> This is the share directory. Each department has their own S Drive, which is used as a place to share files between users within and outside our supported departments.
  • R Drive -> This is the research directory. It's used as a place for labs to share files between fellow lab users.

In addition, the University has partnered with Box, Google, and Microsoft. Campus IT users therefore also have access to storage space provided on these company’s cloud servers.


Many of the printers in the departments are available through our print servers. Please refer to this page for help adding printer access to campus computers. The Nash 104 printer is a Ricoh.

Poster Printing and 3D Printing

Poster and 3D printing are both available to Roots users. Further information can be found on the poster printing page and the 3D printing page.

Other Useful Links

OSU VPN Service: For remote access to on-campus IT resources.

OSU Wireless Access: For accessing the University's wireless network. OSU recommends use of the Eduroam wireless network, which can connect to a number of different university wireless networks worldwide.

Client Services: OSU's central information services group.

Canvas: OSU's Canvas system (course management system that supports online learning and teaching)

ONID: The OSU computer accounts available to all students and employees.

Software Licenses: A list of software available to staff/students.

Student Computing Services: Information about campus computing labs, library services, etc.

Remote Apps: Information about the Citrix remote application program, which allows users to remotely access many of the same programs found in OSU computer labs.

Dreamspark: A repository of discounted or free software from Microsoft, VMWare, and Adobe.

Enhanced Classrooms: Classrooms with teleconferencing and multimedia support.

Kaltura: OSU's video delivery portal.

Zoom: A videoconferencing and web collaboration tool.

  • Box login and download
  • OSU Software Licenses

Citation Software:

Zotero: http://guides.library.oregonstate.edu/zotero" http://guides.library.oregonstate.edu/zotero

Endnote: http://guides.library.oregonstate.edu/endnote

Mendeley: http://guides.library.oregonstate.edu/visibility/mendeley

Mainframe Computer Access for Large Databases

The Fisheries and Wildlife Department also maintains access to resources at the Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing.

There are three primary ways to access the CGRB Computing Resources:

  1. Fill out the web form to obtain a CGRB account and access the resources directly at their website under account request. This is for users who have knowledge of using Linux/UNIX and/or have help within the lab they are working.


  1. Contact anyone within Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Teaching Facility (ACTF) teaching group and pay for one-on-one training. Users can submit and request via the web interface. This is for anyone looking to understand how the CGRB computational infrastructure works, how to submit jobs and how to manage files.


  1. Sign up for courses through the CGRB’s Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Teaching Facility (ACTF). A large number of courses are presently provided, and more can be added based on the community’s requests.
How to Purchase a Computer

Please contact ROOTS Support (Corvallis) or HMSC IT (Newport) for assistance in purchasing computers and peripherals. We have contracts with Dell and other computer vendors, and can offer attractive pricing on enterprise-grade computing equipment. Our base system has 8 GB of RAM, an i5 processor, and a 256 GB SSD.