Data Sovereignty

At the FWCS TEK lab we focus on protection and sovereignty of Tribal sacred and sensitive data. We work with Tribes to ensure that all material collected in collaboration projects and research with Tribes is carefully screened by Tribal Authorities and only approved material is released to the public.

We follow established outlines by approved official Native American organizations for current research as well as archived data collections. We also follow Oregon State IRB guidelines, as well as relevant Area Indian Health Board IRB processes, and Tribal IRB requirements.

All research done through, or collaboration with this lab will be expected to adhere to, and obtain Tribal IRB, AIRB protocols, offer first-editing rights to selected Tribe(s), and protect Tribal Intellectual Property rights to the maximum degree possible. All research will be shared and engage in consultation with Tribe(s) selected, and must be beneficial and approved by Tribal administration(s) prior to research engagement.

For further information about these data protection guidelines please see the following links