Graduate Student Opening!

Masters or PhD in Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences

Oregon State University
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
Corvallis, OR

The Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) lab of Fisheries and Wildlife Conservations Sciences at Oregon State University is seeking an outstanding graduate student (M.S. or PhD) to contribute to applied research* on Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), cultural ecosystem services, climate change, Native/Indigenous traditional marine ecosystems, risk/vulnerability/displacement, or related topics. The student will be expected to teach one online course per semester in exchange for tuition, benefits and a stipend.  She/He/They will also develop and implement a research project of their own interest in collaboration with Dr. Samantha Chisholm Hatfield.

Start date: TBD 2023

Funding: Up to 2 years of tuition, benefits and stipend


  • Teach one E-Campus course per quarter
  • Design and conduct original, empirical research on Traditional Ecological Knowledge relating to fisheries and wildlife conservation
  • Co-author ~1 manuscript every two years with Dr. Chisholm Hatfield
  • Submit proposals to obtain research funding
  • Follow departmental guidelines to meet graduation requirements in about 2 years (M.S) or 4 years (Ph.D.)

International and Indigenous students/projects are encouraged to apply

To apply:

Please send a CV and 2-page research proposal describing (in general) the research you would like to conduct, including hypotheses/questions, methods, justification, and intended products to Dr. Samantha Chisholm Hatfield

*All research will be expected to adhere to, and obtain Tribal IRB, AIRB protocols, offer first-editing rights to selected Tribe(s), and protect Tribal Intellectual Property rights to the maximum degree possible. All research will be shared with Tribe(s) selected, and must be beneficial and approved by Tribal administration(s) prior to research engagement.