Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology Seminar Series

Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology Seminar Series

Fall term 2023-24
Fridays 4-5 P.M.
LINC 302


Sponsoring Departments and Units
Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences, College of Forestry, Forest Ecosystems and Society, Botany and Plant Pathology, Integrative Biology, OSU Research Office

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October 6 // Plant disease risk under environmental change and biodiversity loss
Fletcher Halliday, Oregon State University
Associate Professor, Botany and Plant Pathology

October 13 // Towards quantifying forest photosynthesis from space
Loren Albert, Oregon State University
Assistant Professor, Forest Ecosystems and Society

October 20 // Land management impacts to macroinvertebrate species and genetic diversity
Zanethia Barnett, US Forest Service
Research Fisheries Biologist, Southern Research Station

October 27 // Forty years of landscape ecology: Trends and prospects
Jiango Wu, Arizona State University
Dean's Distinguished Professor, School of Life Sciences
Professor, School of Sustainability Faculty

November 3 // Climate change and the fate of high mountain aquatic biodiversity
Scott Hotaling, Utah State
Assistant Professor, Watershed Sciences

November 10 // No Seminar
Veteran's Day Observed

November 17 // Harmonizing biodiversity conservation with food production across agricultural landscapes
Danny Karp, UC Davis
Associate Professor, Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology

November 24 // No Seminar
Thanksgiving Day Observed

December 1 // The evolution of phenotypic incompatibilities during speciation
Dolph Schluter, UBC

Professor, Department of Zoology

December 8 // The Role of Forests in Nature-based Climate Solutions
Bev Law, Oregon State University
Professor Emeritus, Forest Ecosystems and Society


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