Fisheries & Wildlife Undergraduate Mentorship Program

The Fisheries and Wildlife Undergraduate Mentorship Program (FWUMP) was established to facilitate and support scientific and professional training for undergraduate students at Oregon State University whose interests fall within the fields of fisheries, wildlife, and ecology. This is primarily achieved through a mentor-mentee pairing process, which works to connect undergraduate students seeking research experiences and professional training with graduate students and Postdocs capable of providing such professional development opportunities. The program is open to all OSU students with interests in fisheries, wildlife, ecology, conservation, natural resources, etc., including non-FWCS majors, Postbac, and Ecampus students. To date, the program has successfully paired over 100 undergraduates with 35 graduate students and Postdocs in mentorships spanning one to six terms. We accept applications year-round until available opportunities are filled. The majority of new research opportunities become available in early fall term for fall/winter mentorships and late winter term for spring/summer mentorships.

Undergraduate Students

Through this program, you can gain hands-on research experience, develop professional tools and skills to prepare for a career in fisheries and wildlife (or related fields), and make personal and professional connections with someone who can help you navigate your field of interest. 

Graduate Students

Through this program, you can gain hands-on experience teaching, leading, and managing adult learners and in disseminating practical scientific skills. You can also gain valuable scientific support for your research and practical mentoring experience that will be valuable throughout your career.

Interested in Joining the Program?

Prospective Mentees

  • Step 1: Identify prospective mentors with similar scientific interests.

  • Step 2: Submit an online application; mentee applications are forwarded to prospective mentors.

  • Step 3: Prospective mentors set up one-on-one meetings with prospective mentees.

  • Step 4: Pairings finalized jointly by the prospective mentor and mentee; mentor guides all further research and professional development activities.

Prospective Mentors

Contact the Program Coordinators at

Questions about the program?

Check out our FAQs page, or contact the Mentorship Team:

Program Coordinators

Nolan Clements Morgan Johnston Becca Kelble Lara Mengak Luke Stuntz