Fisheries and Wildlife Graduate Student Association

The Fisheries and Wildlife Graduate Student Association is a resource for fisheries and wildlife graduate students to enhance their education and enhance the community.


  • To improve communication among graduate students and faculty of the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University.
  • To enhance the exchange of ideas and collaboration among graduate students and to promote and endorse their work.
  • To expand and diversify the range of educational experiences available to graduate students.
  • To increase opportunities for professional development of graduate students.
  • To articulate the needs of graduate students and advocate their views in the department, college and university.

Events Calendar


2022-2023 FWGSA Officers

Co-Presidents: Lindsay Millward and Wesley Binder

Treasurer: Jasmine Williamson

Secretary: Morgan Johnston

Faculty Representatives: Kenneth Loonam and Miles Scheuering

New Student Liaison: Carina Kusaka and Katherine Kennedy

Communications and Outreach Officers: Lara Mengak and Melissa Crews

Social Coordinators: Jennifer Waldo and Margaret Campbell

Coalition of Graduate Student Employees (CGE) Steward: Vic Quennessen

Agriculture Executive Council Representative: Fang-Yu (Betty) Shen


The Research Advances in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Ecology Symposium (RAFWE)

The Research Advances in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Ecology (RAFWE) is a student-run symposium which showcases research, extension, and outreach activities conducted by faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and researchers from OSU's Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, related departments at OSU and other colleges and universities, and state and federal agencies. Learn more...


Fisheries and Wildlife Mentorship Program

Need research support? Interested in mentoring budding scientists? Consider joining the Fisheries and Wildlife Mentorship Program, which was established to facilitate scientific and professional training for students at OSU with interests in the fields of fisheries, wildlife, and ecology. This is primarily achieved through a mentor-mentee pairing process, which connects undergraduate students seeking research experiences and professional training with graduate students and Postdocs capable of providing such professional development opportunities. Learn more...


Student Resources 

Mental Health and other Resources
Check out these on-campus, media, and self-care resources for mental health, as well as potential funding sources, parental leave information, and a preliminary grad student guide. 

Graduate Students' Favorites List
Don't get out much? Take a look at our favorites list for local restaurants, hiking hot spots, and other forms of entertainment.

F&W Social Events Listserv
This e-mail list is separate from the department listserv and is designed for grad students to invite each other to fun, informal, and non-departmental events. Sign up now! 

Graduate Course Guide and Recommendations
Struggling to put together your plan of study? Check out our ever-growing list of recommended courses and seminars by other F&W graduate students.

American Fisheries Society and The Wildlife Society Oregon Student Chapters
Our undergraduate peers have developed an outstanding organization that offers multiple opportunities for personal development and activities.


Cutest Pet Photo Contest!

The 2023 Cutest Pet Photo Contest will be announced shortly! Entry fees are $5 for students and $15 for other folks per pet entered.

Cutest Pet FAQs

Q: I have multiple pets. Can I submit more than one pet?
A: Yes, you can enter as many cute pets as you know! You can even enter your childhood pets!

Q: What does the entry fee go towards?
A: Those fees go towards the FWGSA budget which supports free community events that teach kids about wildlife and to a student run research symposium at OSU.

Q: How can I vote for the Cutest Pet?
A: You'll get an email with a link to vote on the cutest pets in a tournament-style bracket.

Q: What do I win if my pet is crowned the Cutest Pet in the Land?
A: A beautiful portrait of your adorable pet!