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Adjunct Faculty
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Betts, Matthew *
Associate Professor
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Landscape ecology, behavioral ecology species distributions, forest management and conservation
(1) Influences of landscape structure on demography of animal populations,
(2) Animal movement (particularly dispersal),
(3) Population viability modeling,

Chan, Samuel
Assistant Professor, Sea Grant Extension
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Watershed Health and Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist. Sam Chan is Oregon Sea Grant's expert in aquatic invasive species and aquatic ecosystem health.

Gladics, Amanda
Assistant Professor of Practice, Oregon Sea Grant Extension
(503) 325-8573
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Coastal Fisheries Extension Faculty

Education and engagement, sustainable fisheries management, seabird-fisheries interactions

Kent, Michael
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Mate, Bruce
Professor Emeritus
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Determination of critical habitat, migration routes, feeding ecology and dive behavior for endangered whales; also population assessment, human conflicts and resolution.

Rivers, James
Assistant Professor
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Shinderman, Matthew
Faculty, Director-Sustainability Double-Degree, Senior Instructor 1
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I am currently working on two active projects:

Upper Columbia Basin Network American Pika Research and Monitoring Program (National Park Service)


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Boyer, Kathryn
Fish Ecologist
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My research has focused on (1) the effects of agricultural and forestry land-use practices on stream and riparian habitats critical to native fish species, and (2) the development of land management practices that minimize degradation of stream and riparian functions important to aquatic species.

Brodeur, Richard
Courtesy Appointment
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I study the effects of ocean conditions on the distribution and feeding ecology of marine fishes in the Northeast Pacific Ocean.  Also interested in other trophic levels from zooplankton up to seabirds and marine mammals and how the different trophic levels interact.

Burnett, Kelly
Courtesy Assistant Professor
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My research interests center around three broad topics:
1) Understanding how salmon and trout use stream habitats and how these habitats are distributed across a landscape;

Chapman, John
Courtesy Appointment Professor of Fisheries
(541) 737-0235
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Aquatic biological invasions, invertebrate zoology and peracaridan crustacean taxonomy.

Duarte, Adam *
Courtesy Faculty, Oregon State University and Research Wildlife Biologist, USDA Forest Service

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Dunham, Jason *
Courtesy Appointment
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Fish ecology and conservation biology. Landscape ecology of aquatic ecosystems, conservation biology of focal species, ecology of natural disturbance, biological invasions, monitoring

Eagles Smith, Collin *
Courtesy Appointment
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My research focuses on the interactions among ecological processes, contaminant bioaccumulation, and effects on wild populations.

Ebersole, Joseph
Courtesy Appointment
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Fish Ecology, Fish-habitat relationships, Restoration, Aquatic-terrestrial linkages, Ecological literacy in contemporary culture

Fitzpatrick, Martin
Courtesy Appointment
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Reproduction; Physiology

Clean Water Act Policy (esp. water quality standards)

Ford, M Jesse
Associate Professor, Senior Research (retired)
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Atmosphere-biosphere interactions
High latitude ecosystems
Influence of airborne contaminants on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems
Long-term patterns of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem development

Forsman, Eric
Courtesy Appointment - Retired
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Ecology of forest wildlife and ecology of forest owls.

Friedlaender, Ari
Associate Professor
(919) 672-0103
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  • My research focuses on using advanced telemetry tools to study the underwater behavior of marine mammals.
Haig, Susan
Courtesy Professor of Wildlife Ecology

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Processes affecting persistence/extinction of small populations, conservation genetics, behavioral ecology of shorebirds, wetland ecology, mating systems.

Avian Population Genetics

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Herlihy, Alan
Professor (Sr Res)
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Aquatic Monitoring/Bioassessment Biogeochemistry Ecological Indicators.

Lake, Stream, and Wetland Biological Assessment and Monitoring

Hughes, Robert
Courtesy Faculty, Professor Senior Research
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Fish Assemblage Ecology
Landscape Ecology
Stream & River Ecology

Hurst, Thomas *
Courtesy Assistant Professor of Fisheries
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I am interested in the ecology of early life stages of marine species and the constraints imposed by the environment. I am particularly interested in the pervasive influence on temperature variation on all aspects of physiology and ecology of ectotherms.

Johnson, Sherri *
Courtesy Assistant Professor
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Aquatic Ecology and Biogeochemistry

Kaufmann, Philip
Courtesy Associate Professor
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Stream channel morphology and hydraulics.
Field methods for quantifying aquatic biota and habitat.
Natural & anthropogenic controls on aquatic habitat & biota.
Stream sediment transport and sediment effects on biota.

Klinck, Holger *
Assistant Professor (Sr Res)
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My current research focuses on the development of hard- and software for real-time monitoring of marine mammals. I am also involved in research projects investigating the underwater vocal behavior of Antarctic pinnipeds - especially leopard seals, Hydrurga leptonyx. Marine Bioacoustic.

Li, Judith
Associate Professor of Fisheries, (retired)
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Processes affecting regional distribution of stream invertebrates and fish; Trophic interactions in streams; Riparian processes affecting stream communities; Thermal and hydrologic influences on aquatic communities in arid systems, especially eastern Oregon.

Mc Comb, Brenda
Professor Emeritus, Instructor; Forest Ecosystems and Society
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I study the effects of land management practices on animals and habitats to guide development of sustainable forest management practices and advance our ability to conserve biodiversity over large and complex landscapes.

Reeves, Gordon *
Courtesy Appointment
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 Ecology of anadromous salmonids, stream habitat landscape ecology and monitoring

Rosenberg, Daniel
Courtesy Appointment
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I have focused my research activities in the field of applied ecology in an attempt to understand environmental factors affecting the distribution and abundance of animals in managed ecosystems.

Schumaker, Nathan *
Courtesy Appointment
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Thompson, Grant
Courtesy Associate Professor of Fisheries
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Marine fish stock assessment and fishery harvest theory, statistical methodology, risk analysis and precautionary approaches, prevention of overfishing.