Marine Conservation and Management Minor

Marine Conservation and Management Minor

Our Marine Conservation and Management minor means you get more out of your degree at Oregon State. Now you can focus on marine vertebrates, conservation science and management of living resources. Study, learn, innovate - you're the next step in creating a healthy planet, healthy economy and healthy people. Let's go further. 

The Marine Conservation and Management Minor focuses on marine vertebrates, conservation science, and management of living marine resources. You can earn this minor in Marine Conservation and Management through a combination of Oregon State's Ecampus, Hatfield Marine Science Center and the main campus in Corvallis, Oregon. This minor may be added to the BS in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences degree, as well as other science and non-science degrees. However, a series in general biology equivalent to the BI 221, 222, 223, *Principles of Biology or BI 204, 205, 206, *Introductory Biology is a strongly recommended prerequisite to the Marine Conservation and Management Minor. Some classes will not be available without this prerequisite.

This minor requires a minimum of 27 credit hours divided between a core requirement (14 credits) and electives (13 credits). The core is organized around the three main themes in OSU’s strategic plan of a healthy planet, healthy economy, and healthy people. The elective section is broken into two groups of courses, one on species and habitats, the other one experiential learning and skills.

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The minor curriculum includes FW 426, a hybrid course that includes a four-day, on-site requirement. Held prior to the start of fall term at OSU’s Hatfield Marine Sciences Center in Newport, Oregon, the site-based component is followed by online coursework throughout the fall.

Learning Outcomes

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