We are the Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences

For over 85 years, our department has been teaching students to think critically about the problems our planet and ecosystems are facing while we conduct impactful research related to wild animals, their habitats, and human-ecological systems. We actively promote science-based conservation solutions and sustainable management practices, engaging with federal and state agencies, landowners, fisheries, tribes, and many other partners. Our work increasingly integrates biological, physical, and social sciences, and we share our studies of individuals, populations, communities, and ecosystems widely.

With this name change we emphasize our commitment to multi-disciplinary conservation science and education, shining a light on the work that we have been doing since our inception in 1935.

FWCS researchers and students can be found on every continent, in

  • streams, lakes and rivers,
  • forests, deserts, and prairies,
  • kelp forests, coral reefs and estuaries,
  • fishing docks, management meetings, and community centers,
  • and beyond…

In our labs, classrooms, and public gathering spaces, we strive for inclusivity as we communicate our science and love of nature in our shared experiences.

Come in and explore our programs – and welcome to the family!