Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences (B.S.) Corvallis

Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences (B.S.) Corvallis

For students earning their first or second (post baccalaureate) Bachelor's degree the BS in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation (FW) Sciences offers first-rate training in processes and strategies for the management and conservation of fish, wildlife, and marine species and their habitats.  Students in our degree program learn to think critically and evaluate problems using basic and applied science and fundamental ecological principles, and through consideration of social influences on conservation. 

Classes and Major Requirements

The undergraduate curriculum is composed of a Baccalaureate Core, FW Core including two internships, and a specialization. The specialization is a 24 credit plan of study which you design along with your advisor according to your interests and career goals. In our degree program, you'll get outside, take field courses, gain work experience, and in some cases, conduct independent research projects.

Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences Undergraduate Major Requirements 

Transfer Students

Students planning to transfer to the program should read the information on the How to Apply page for Transferring Students.

Post Baccalaureate Students

Students wanting to earn their second Bachelor's degree (post baccalaureate) should reference the Post Baccalaureate Students information including the Biology, Chemistry and Math Requirements prior to admission.

Learning Outcomes

Read more about our learning outcomes.

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