Travel Awards


Generous donors have provided support for FWCS graduate student travel awards. Applicants should review the complete FWCS Publication and Travel Award Policies and Rubrics.

The department’s graduate committee will review applications for travel and publication awards in Fall and Spring cycles.

Applications must be received by the announced deadline for full consideration in that round of review.  In each cycle, the graduate committee will review the set of submitted applications, allocate the available funds among the meritorious proposals and ensure alignment with the disciplinary priorities and requirements that some donors established as conditions of their gifts. If submitted requests exceed the available funds, then the committee will use the criteria listed above to select specific proposals for funding. If funds remain, these may be allocated to requests received after the full consideration date.  The graduate committee will evaluate late breaking requests in the order received.

Requests for publication fees should be submitted sufficiently early to allow for review in one of the two annual cycles. This will likely mean submission of the funding request approximately six months before the anticipated invoice date, such as at the time that a journal indicates that a publication will be acceptable after revision. Publication awards for manuscripts not-yet accepted will be contingent on demonstration of final acceptance.

Applications should include:

  • A letter from the applicant outlining the purpose of the request and explaining the importance of the proposed travel or publication to the applicant’s professional development or career trajectory. In most cases, this letter should come from the student leading the research, not the principal investigator.
  • A proposed budget for the total cost of the travel or publication, including any portion exceeding the level of requested support, and detailing the availability of any other funds (e.g. grants or faculty accounts) that could help meet these costs. 
  • If the applicant is a student, a letter of support from a member of the department’s faculty.  This will usually come from the student’s major professor but could come from a committee member or other collaborator working closely with the student.
  • A copy of the submitted or accepted conference abstract if the request will support presentation at an academic conference.  If conference registration has not yet opened, a draft abstract is acceptable.
  • A draft or accepted copy of the manuscript’s abstract, specification of the intended journal or other publication venue, and a note identifying the current stage of the associated manuscript (e.g. in prep, in review, in revision) if the request will support publication costs.

Submit applications as a single PDF to on or before the announced deadlines.  The letter of support may be sent separately, if desired.

Graduate School

The Graduate School also provides quarterly travel awards for current students who have been accepted to present their research at a conference or meeting through the Scholarly Presentation Award. Students can apply directly to the Graduate School for this award. Students attending a conference without presenting can request support through the Graduate School's Professional Development Award.


Use Your Resources - review the policy and rubrics link above thoroughly and get your application in on time!

Plan Ahead - You can apply for the cycle of awards previous to your travel even if you haven't been accepted to present yet.

Always Save Receipts - Even if you are not sure that you will receive a travel award, keep ALL receipts. Only a few items like mileage and per diem can be reimbursed without documentation.

Ask for Help - As soon as you have been awarded, work with the FWCS front office staff to learn what options are available for you - direct reimbursement, deposit into a student account, or travel advances.


If a travel award is dispersed into a student account, that funding will be applied toward any balance owed to the University and then the student can request any remaining balance as a personal check.

International students may be assessed a 17% tax to awards deposited into their accounts.

Reimbursements must be processed within 60 days or the student may be required to pay taxes.