Graduate students can apply for a travel award any time for expenses related to the following in priority order:

  1. Students doing an oral presentation of their final research at a prestigious conference.
  2. Students doing an oral presentation of their research at any stage.
  3. Students presenting either a paper or poster.
  4. Students attending a training or workshop essential to their research.
  5. Students attending a conference.

When applying for a presentation of a paper or poster at a conference please include the acceptance letter from the conference organizers.

To apply: Send a cover letter describing your request, how it meets the criteria for a travel award, and when you plan to graduate. Include a budget (must have a minimum amount needed), an acceptance letter from conference organizers if appropriate, and a letter from your major professor stating the importance of your request and that no funds are available to

Graduate School

The Graduate School also provides quarterly travel awards for students who have been accepted to present their research at a conference or meeting. Information found here. Contact for more information on how to apply.

If a travel award is dispersed into a student account, that funding will be applied toward any balance owed to the University and then the student can request any remaining balance as a personal check.