Getting Connected


The Department holds "Coffee Club" every Friday at 10:00 am in Nash 104A. We encourage all Graduate Students to attend. It is a fun time to interact and mingle with your peers, staff and faculty members. We supply the coffee and usually have other treats. 

 For your daily coffee needs, it can be purchased by the cup or for $12/month. If interested, please see the front office. 


Our Department has a highly engaged and productive graduate student organization, The Fisheries and Wildlife Graduate Student Association (FWGSA). The FWGSA leadership team includes an officer who acts as the New Student Liaison who is an important contact for any new student. The FWGSA houses a number of useful resources on their website (link above) including, a graduate students' favorites list for local cuisine, hiking spots and other entertainment, a survival guide with information on where to look for housing, or people to connect with, a social listserv designated to graduate student events, and a course recommendation guide. 


Our Department also has the Hatfield Student Organization (HsO), open to all students who conduct research or reside at Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) for the completion of their degree. HMSC hosts several get-togethers throughout the year: Summer Kick-off, End of Summer, Holiday, and Volunteer Appreciation. HsO Students help organize, bring food, and heartily partake in socializing at all these events. Membership is open to all students at Hatfield Marine Science Center and free. To join, please email Don't forget to sign up for the email list!

If you're going to be living in Newport be sure to check out the Newport Guide put together by the Hatfield Student Organization. 

Graduate Student Social Events

Student's can also sign up for the FW Social Events listserv, which is designed for FW grad students to invite their classmates to fun, informal, and often non-departmental events. Events could be anything from an impromptu happy hour downtown, a weekend float on the Willamette, or a multi-day backpacking trip. The SocialEvents Listserv prevents spamming the departmental FW listserv with casual events, but still allows students to invite everyone to events! This is an optional listserv, and students should only register if they are interested in any and all social event e-mails, including those that are not related to the FW department.

Social Media

Accessing the Fisheries and Wildlife social media accounts is another way for students to connect with the Department. The Department has an active and   page with the most current Departmental stories and events. As a current graduate student, we would love to share a story, picture or video of your current research and achievements via social media. If interested, please email the story, picture or video with a short description to Amanda Polley, Social Media Coordinator.