Registration Reminder

Important Registration Information

Continuous Graduate Enrollment

Students must maintain continuous enrollment each term as set by the OSU Graduate School and the details of their appointment type. Please be sure to review information on registration requirements and the OSU Academic Calendar for registration deadlines.

Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence status is available to eligible students who need to suspend their program of study for good cause. The time the student spends on approved leave will be included in any time limits prescribed by the university relevant to degree completion. Students on approved leave may not a) use any university facilities, b) make demands upon faculty time, c) receive a fellowship or financial aid, or d) take course work of any kind at Oregon State University. Leave of Absence/Intent to Resume Graduate Study Forms must be received by the Graduate School at least 15 working days prior to the first day of the term involved. Family Medical Leave (FML) may be granted at any point during a term. FML inquiries should be directed to NOTE: Students who are pursuing a certificate only are not subject to the Leave of Absence Policy.

Students who matriculate fall term 2016 or later may use unlimited leaves as long as time to degree constraints are met (7 years for master's degrees; 9 years for doctoral degrees). Leaves of absence may be approved for up to three terms at a time, but must be renewed to retain student status. Failure to renew the leave of absence or register will result in the loss of student status.

Unauthorized Break in Registration

Degree seeking graduate students who take an unauthorized break in registration relinquish graduate standing at the University. To have graduate standing reinstated after an unauthorized break, students are required to reapply to their program (complete the online graduate admission application, pay the application fee, and may be required to register for three graduate credits for each term of unauthorized break in registration). It is advisable that students in this situation state that they are applying for readmission in the application packet. A reapplication does not ensure admittance to the program.