Rolling to a PhD

The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife offers thesis programs leading to MS and PhD degrees in both Fisheries and Wildlife sciences.

Students completing their MS degree in the Fisheries and Wildlife Department at Oregon State University can continue for a PhD; students can also switch into a PhD program without completing a Master's degree first. Changing programs always requires the approval of the student's graduate committee and the FWCS Graduate Committee. There must also be a funding plan appropriate for the PhD in place. If the student is entering a PhD program without first completing their Master's degree, the student should be prepared to complete a second research review based on the PhD proposal even if they have previously completed a research review while in their Master's program. They also should be aware of the OSU Graduate School's requirement for PhD students submit their Program of Study by their 5th term. The graduate school will count all previous enrolled terms, including summer term, in that count.

To begin the process the Major Professor should contact the FW Graduate Program Coordinator, and the student must submit a Change of Degree Program Request Form to the Graduate School.