Things To Do Before Arrival

Students will receive an email from the Graduate School upon admittance, and a Welcome email from our Graduate Program Coordinator soon after.

1. One of the most important steps outlined in the departmental Welcome Email is setting up an ONID email account.

  • The ONID username and password is the gateway to multiple software systems that will allow you to register for classes, check university email, and manage financial aid (if applicable).
  • Any OSU staff or faculty member outside of Fisheries and Wildlife will use your ONID email to contact students.
  • After the ONID account is activated, an exchange account will be created for each student and a new exchange email is linked to this account (
  • This exchange email will be the primary email used by faculty and staff within Fisheries and Wildlife for work and listserv communications.
  • Emails from the ONID email will automatically forward to the exchange account email so that students can to maintain all communications in one place. Questions or concerns about either of these email accounts should be directed to the Roots Support group.

2. All OSU online services are protected by a two-step authentication system called DUO ( You should sign up for DUO as soon as possible. I recommend downloading the app to your phone AND getting a hardware token. Having both can save you a lot of hassle if your phone is becomes unusable or unavailable for some reason.

3. All incoming graduate students must complete the SAPAL training module. This is an online module that addresses critical issues such as sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking on college campus. For information about how to complete this requirement please visit this website:


New students are strongly encouraged to participate in orientation activities. This is a great way to get to know other students on campus, meet faculty and learn about the resources you'll need to be successful.

  • The OSU Graduate School provides general graduate student orientation information and a designated Welcome Week each term.
  • The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife offers a Welcome BBQ right after the start of Fall term.
  • The Department offers a graduate student orientation course (FW 599) that typically meets during Fall quarter.
  • Fisheries and Wildlife Graduate Student Association (FWGSA) also hold a new student orientation just before Fall term.

Upon Arrival in Corvallis

Get Your OSU ID

Please visit the OSU ID Center website to learn how to get your OSU ID card. 

Office Assignments

Prior to the first term of attendance, a student's Major Professor should complete the following FW space request form. All subsequent requests for changes in office space should be sent to the Space Committee (email: by a student's Major Professor. All desk space assignments for grads, RAs, and Post-docs can only be made by the committee. Please notify the Space Committee if you plan to be away from campus for a prolonged period or if you are graduating and no longer need your desk.


Keys to laboratories and offices are issued as needed. Once the Space Committee has assigned office space to a graduate student, the PI/Major Professor should forward the email to the FW Front Desk to formally submit a key request. It will take approximately 2-3 business days before the graduate student receives an email from the Key Shop indicating their key(s) are ready.

It is illegal to duplicate university keys. Lost keys should be reported immediately. When a student is leaving the University, all keys should be returned to the Key Shop, located at 560 SW 15th Street. Keys will not be accepted at the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife front office.


Every graduate student will have a mailbox located in Nash 104.

After-Hours Work Pass and Building Security

Graduate students using the buildings after regular hours (M-F, 0700-1800) must have an after-hours work pass. Passes are available in the main office (Nash 104). Graduate students should follow prudent security measures, such as closing and locking all doors and windows, when they leave an office or laboratory.


For all your technology needs please contact Roots IT.

All incoming Graduate Students need to request a copy number from the front office. The Department allows all Graduate Students to print for free but you must receive your personalized copy number in order to do so.


Students who will be involved in field work are strongly urged to take at least one first-aid course and CPR course. All students who use SCUBA in their work are required to maintain current First Aid and CPR certifications.

As required in the Graduate Student Assistant's letter of employment, all health and safety training should be completed prior to the start of the student's employment, or prior to activities that require training for specific duties (e.g., lab work, motorboat operation, diving, etc.). For help determining which trainings are required for the student's appointment type, please visit the Training Needs Tool established by Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S).