What are Fellowships?

Graduate fellowships and traineeships (herein referred to as graduate fellowships) are recognized nationally as a means to acknowledge and support outstanding graduate students in pursuit of their advanced degree objectives. Graduate fellowships provide financial support to graduate students without a commensurate service requirement. For more details about the different types of fellowship appointments, please read An Introduction to Graduate Fellowships. Graduate fellowships vary widely by their purpose, selectivity, duration and support level. They are often awarded at a specific stage in the educational continuum. They may be supported by either internal or external sources of funds. 

To learn more information about OSU Graduate Fellowships and how they compare with OSU Graduate Assistantships, review this chart

How Can I Apply For A Fellowship?

There are several internal OSU Graduate School Fellowship Awards, some of which are used for recruitment purposes. These require nomination by the Department during an annual request and review of applications. For more information regarding Internal and External Fellowships and where they may be offered, please visit the Fellowship and Scholarships webpage by the OSU Graduate School.

Any student receving a fellowship at any point in their program should notify the Administrative Manager