Managing Email

New Account

As a new Graduate Student, your ONID account will soon be enhanced with a email account (primary email account), a network home directory, and access to departmental network share drives. Because of this you will no longer receive mail in your ONID email account. You can find more information on how to access your new account and the next steps to take here, under the Logging In, and Email sections:

Managing a Full Inbox

If you find you are running out of storage, it is highly recommend to empty your Deleted Items and Sent items. Many people send large documents, posters, data sets and other files through email. All the folders including sent and deleted are part of your mailbox and thus take up your storage space. You can start by sorting your mailbox folder by size and seeing what you no longer need to retain. Keep in mind once you delete these items you must then go into deleted and permanently delete the emails.

OSU also has an email archive server that will be named either Online Archive – (NAME) or Personal Archive depending on how it is being viewed. This space is larger and can still be accessed through both the Outlook Client and Outlook Web Application. Archival Policies can be set so that email folders will move email that reaches a certain age (90 days for example) to your online archive automatically. If you are wanting to set up one of these policies, it is recommended doing it through the web interface at Once logged in a user can right click on a folder in their email and set a archival policy. In addition a policy can be set for the entire account so that all emails are archived.

Getting Help

There are several ways you can get help. Roots Support is our Departmental level IT Team.

Roots Support:

OSU Helpdesk: