Transfer Credits

Transfer credits are graduate-level courses taken by a student prior to admission into a MS or PhD program. This is the case even if the courses were taken at OSU as a non-degree graduate student, professional degree-seeking student, graduate certificate student, or undergraduate student. Graduate-level courses that were taken while enrolled as an undergraduate student cannot be used in an MS or PhD program of study if they were used to fulfill any requirements for a baccalaureate degree (i.e., the credits must have been taken as elective credits).

  • All transfer credits must be evaluated first by the Graduate School then by the student's Graduate Committee before they can be included on a program of study.
  • All transfer courses used on a program of study must be graduate level with a minimum grade of 'C' for OSU courses and 'B-' for courses taken at other universities.
  • No more than 22 transfer credits can be used in a 45-credit MS graduate program of study
  • For MS degree, there is a seven year time limit on courses listed on the program of study.
  • There is no limit on the number of transfer credits that can be used in a PhD program of study
  • Credits transferred to OSU for use on a PhD program of study can be courses that were used to satisfy the requirements for a master's degree (or equivalent). 
  • Graduate courses offered through OSU Ecampus are allowed for use in graduate programs of study. Extension courses, correspondence courses, television courses, and the like are not transferable. For more information please reference the policy on Transfer Credit.

To begin the process of transferring graduate credits for use in an MS or PhD program of study submit a Transfer Credit Request to the Graduate School. After the Graduate School has processed this request they will communicate which courses they deem appropriate for transfer. Students must then work with their Fisheries and Wildlife Graduate Committee to determine which of the courses approved by the graduate school are also acceptable for use in the final program of study.