Foothill yellow-legged frog

David Paoletti

Latin name: Rana boylii

The Foothill yellow-legged frog is listed as a Sensitive Species in the state of Oregon, having disappeared from almost half of their historical range. Reasons for their decline have been attributed to introduced predators, and widespread alteration of the stream habitats in which they live and breed (e.g., dams, irrigation, fluctuating water levels and temperatures). David Paoletti's work looked at the impact of invasive, predatory Smallmouth bass on these frogs.

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David J. Paoletti, Deanna H. Olson, and Andrew R. Blaustein (2011) Responses of Foothill Yellow-legged Frog (Rana boylii) Larvae to an Introduced Predator. Copeia: March 2011, Vol. 2011, No. 1, pp. 161-168.