Mule deer

Lizz Schuyler, Katie Dugger, Dana Sanchez

Latin name: Odocoileus hemionus

Much of the sagebrush steppe has been degraded due to livestock grazing, altered fire regimes, recreational activity, and sagebrush removal, which has impacted many wildlife populations, including western mule deer. Lizz Schuyler has worked in collaboration with Oregon Department Fish and Wildlife on understanding the effects of distribution, behavior, and climate on mule deer survival as the influence of wildfire and restoration efforts on mule deer in a degraded ecosystem.


Schuyler, E. M., K. Dugger, D.H. Jackson. (Submitted). Survival rates and cause-specific mortality of mule deer in south-central Oregon. Journal of Wildlife Management. 

The abstract of the thesis of Elizabeth M. Mulligan for the degree of Master of Science in Wildlife Science presented on October 16, 2015.
Title: Survival Rates and Cause-Specific Mortality for Mule Deer in South-central Oregon.