Olympia oyster

Chris Langdon

Latin name: Ostrea lurida

The Olympia oyster was once abundant on the US West Coast but populations have declined severely due to over-harvesting, pollution and sedimentation. There are considerable efforts to restore the species by planting seed in suitable localities. We have studied the genetic structure of populations to help folks choose the appropriate broodstock for restoration. In addition, we have studied their ability to clear overlying waters of suspended sediment through their filter-feeding activities.

Did you know? Female oysters brood their young on the surface of their gills.


Stick, D.A., Langdon, C.J., Banks, M.A., Camara, M.D. 2008. Eighteen novel polymorphic microsatellite markers for the Olympia Oyster, Ostrea conchaphila/lurida. Molecular Ecology Resources, 9: 153-155.