Pacific martin being held by a researcher

Katie Moriarty, Clinton W. Epps. Collaborators included William Zielinksi, John Bailey, Matt Betts

Latin name: Martes caurina

We studied the effects of thinning and fuels management on movement behaviors of Pacific Marten on the Lassen National Forest in California. The project was the first successful use of GPS collars on martens to describe movement in complex versus simplified forest stands as well as natural openings. We also used experimental approaches to determine how forest structure and seasonality influenced the willingness of martens to move through different habitats. The papers from this study have informed forest management by the Lassen National Forest as they seek to avoid negatively affecting forest carnivores in the course of their operations.


Using high-resolution short-term location data to describe territoriality in Pacific martens

Experimental evidence that simplified forest structure interacts with snow cover to influence functional connectivity for Pacific martens

Ketamine and Midazolam Anesthesia in Pacific Martens

Retained Satellite Information Influences Performance of GPS Devices in a Forested Ecosystem

Forest Thinning Changes Movement Patterns and Habitat Use by Pacific Marten