Oregon chub

Doug Markle

Latin name: Oregonichthys crameri

The genus, Oregonichthys, is the only vertebrate genus endemic to Oregon. Work in the 1990’s with graduate students Todd Pearsons and Debra Bills led to a petition to list O. crameri in the Willamette River as endangered. Subsequent work with landowners, state and federal agencies led to the first de-listing of a fish (due to recovery) from the Endangered Species List. 

Did you know? The Oregon chub is the only fish genus endemic to Oregon.


Markle, D. F., T. N. Pearsons and D. T. Bills, 1991. Natural history of Oregonichthys (Pices: Cyprinidae) with a description of a new species from the Umpqua River of Oregon. Copeia, 1991 (2): 277-293.